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From Monty Roberts


My recent October Tour of England simply would not have been the same without the help of the two of you and the loan of Jake.  Words will simply not identify the importance of what the Vandenberghes brought to the success of the October 2015 tour.  Thank you so much for your ongoing assistance and friendship.   The Buckingham Palace event simply could nto have been better and the huge part of that success was down to the Vandenberghes and their filly.  I hope to see you in March 2016, but allow this to thank you for now and to show my appreciation for all of the decades of friendship that have been enjoyed by Pat, myself and the Vandenberghes.  Sincerely, Monty.

Client Testimonials - what people are saying about the work we do....

Monty Roberts with our Charity Stallion Antics, March 2016

Carole and Mark Negus, Somerset


I never realised just how difficult it was going to be to hand over my young horse that i had spent 3 years getting ready, to someome for backing. Most important for me was i needed someone I could trust, and would care about my horse. I wanted a professional service tailored to my requirements. A tall order I know! I started looking around locally but nowhere ticked all of my boxes.

As a keen follower of intelligent horsemanship, I decided there really was only one place to send my young horse Gracie. To the only people I could trust enough to turn Gracie into the ridden horse of my dreams......... Hartsop Farm

After speaking to Ian Vandenberghe on the phone and explaining all about Gracie. He listened to my requirements and hopes for my young horse. I loved the response "first we listen to the owners and then we listen to the horse" This was enough for me I knew where my pride and joy would go for the next stage of her education.

I can honestly say that the team at Hartsop farm didn't disappoint. The atmosphere is calm, quiet and friendly. The horses are all relaxed and clearly well cared for. After only a few days of Gracie being there Ian rang me rang me to assure me she was fine and not missing me at all! I visited weekly to see her progress. Jake encouraged me to take part in the sessions. Sandy or Ian were always on hand to talk through the weeks training, even filming her sessions to show me how she was progressing. 

Gracie stayed at Hartsop Farm for 5 weeks, if she could talk she would have asked to stay longer! When the day arrived to collect her I was quite anxious that I was now on my own and the rest was down to me.

However, I need not have worried, the continued support from Jake has been amazing. I know that if I have a question Jake, Sandy and Ian are always on hand to give me advice.

We were so pleased with the whole experience that Gracie is booked in again this year to go back for some schooling.


Thank you Ian, Sandy and of course Jake for turning Gracie into the "Horse of my dreams" and ticking all of my boxes.  


From Hilary Miles, 2015


I have known Ian and Sandy Vandenberghe at Hartsop Farm since 2005 when I first attended an Intelligent Horsemanship course there. Realising that this was the way I would like to have my horses started and handled I have sent my various riding and breeding horses there for training and special care. On every occasion I have been really pleased with the outcome, be it a safer way to handle an unpredictable thoroughbred, starting a very big three-year-old warmblood, managing remedial farriery care for a youngster, or foaling and weaning two beautiful foals. They are happy to work with the vet and farrier and other qualified practitioners to deliver optimal care and attention.

Jake Harris, who has been at Hartsop Farm for some ten years and is particularly responsible for starting and re-backing horses, has started two of my horses with excellent results and taken my latest youngster to her first shows. The horses were both allowed to develop at their own pace and have gone on to be problem-free rides, which I attribute in no small measure to Jake’s sympathetic handling and riding skills.

Everything at Hartsop Farm is calm and peaceful. Each horse is treated as an individual and dictates its own rate of progress. Ian and Sandy’s many years of experience and true appreciation of horses shine through at every stage and they and their staff are always happy to take the time to explain what they are doing and how your horse is progressing. I am certainly happy to recommend anyone who wishes to give their horse a firm foundation or to find a better way around a problem to come to Hartsop Farm.

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